Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sesame Street Is Now Diamonds!

If Sesame Street continues clever parodies like the one below, I can't wait to watch it with my kid! That is all.

My Latest Fashion Accessory

Yes. That's me, Mandybomb and my daughter, Baby G. She's my latest fashion accessory cause she goes everywhere I go. I got her in the late summer and she's trending into the fall and the rest of my life. :)

What's that magazine where they're all like "Celebrities are just like us! They go to the grocery store! They don't wear makeup to the gym!" Now I'm all, "I'm just like a celebrity! I can have a baby! I can tell the paparazzi that follow me wherever I go to leave me and my child alone!" Oh, that last part not so much.

I heart her so much I just had to share.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vampires Are Not As Scary As Twihards

I'm going to see Eclipse with my husband this weekend and I'm kinda nervous.  No, Taylor's abs and Rob's sexy stare do not make my heart pound and go all mushy. What scares me are the crazed fans. I think they're called Twihards. I saw some of these crazies on Oprah yesterday and, um, it's quite freaky. And I don't even think Oprah showed the really sketchy ones.

The wackiest bunch were the TwiMoms who had life-sized cutouts of Edward so they could take pictures with him and were having a Twilight party in the basement. Yoohoo! Ladies! Your kids think you like fictitious characters more than them. Hmmm, they won't need therapy when they grow up or anything.

Back to me and my Twihard fears. Like, are we gonna have to show up to the theater 3 hours early just to get good seats? Will we be beaten to death for not declaring Team Jacob or Team Edward on our clothing? Will I be able to enjoy my popcorn without shrieks and giggles from teenage girls and menopausal ladies? These are valid fears, peeps! There's no turning back now as tickets have already been purchased. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Star Trek + Ke$ha May Be The Final Frontier

Do you love random YouTube videos? Star Trek? Ke$ha? Not so much Ke$ha? You may change your mind after seeing this video. I don't have any real love for Ke$ha, her ridiculous songs or the stupid way she spells her name but these Star Trek clips set to Tik Tok just work. Seriously, I've watched this video about a dozen times and there's no end in sight. Props to MissSheenie on YouTube for compiling the awesome Star Trek clips and perfectly timing them to this song.

What kind of Star Trek geek am I that I recognize almost all the clips from the video but can only name one title, The Trouble With Tribbles? What would Mr. Spock say? Also, I never noticed how cheesy Star Trek episodes could be. Maybe that's because I was like 8 years old when I was watching them hardcore.

MissSheenie, I don't know who you are but you totally made my day. Live long and prosper!